Longitudinal Cube—-Creating Freedom for Wisdom
ANYCUBIC–For Freedom to Make

English ANYCUBIC consists of ‘ANY’ and ‘CUBIC’. Whatever you want to create, ANYCUBIC can help you achieve it. That’s exactly what this company was founded on, to bring omnipotent creative freedom to anyone.
—- Founder Ouyang Lu’s expectations for the development of Zongwei Cube

Since its establishment in 2015, with the classic 3D printer Anycubic Mega, Longitudinal Cube has quickly gained huge attention from the domestic and overseas markets. “In the early days of the company, we couldn’t remember how many sleepless nights we had,” say the first founders. Since then, Longitudinal Cube has become a professional 3D printing manufacturer, opening the road to its own brand at home and abroad.

With the continuous popularity of the Mega family series, Longitudinal Cube has produced a new series of photo-curing 3D printers, Photon series, which has won wide market praise and consumers’ favor, and was rated as “the most worth-buying photo-curing 3D printer of the year” by foreign media. . In 2020, the annual shipment of Longitudinal Cube 3D printers exceeded 500,000 units.

At present, the company’s business covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world, including China, Germany, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Italy, etc., and the annual sales have maintained a growth of more than 100% for many consecutive years. All of this stems from ANYCUBIC’s simple, practical and intelligent R&D concept, and has created generations of high-quality 3D printing solutions to meet the needs of more and more intelligent manufacturing. ANYCUBIC is excited about the developments over the past few years and continues to embark on a journey of constant exploration.