Emiratis think government should invest heavily in 3D Printer

Over the past few years, 3D printers have become more mainstream as an emerging manufacturing technology. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is also seeing increasing acceptance of 3D Printer technology, according to a YouGov survey. Through the survey, Antarctic Bear was informed that among 16 emerging technologies, UAE residents believe that 3D printers will bring the greatest benefit to society and are their number one choice for technologies that they believe the government should invest in.

YouGov is an international online research data and analytics technology group. The group operates in the UK, Americas, Europe, Middle East, India and Asia Pacific and has one of the largest research networks in the world. For this particular survey, they chose to collect data in the UAE region, which has become “one of the world’s leading centers of technological advancement.”

The survey data was collected online from 1,005 respondents between May 12 and 19. While of course not necessarily representative of the entire UAE, these types of sample surveys are able to reflect social trends. Respondents are required to work in cryptocurrency, virtual reality (VR), self-driving cars, 3D Printer, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, metaverse, NFT, augmented reality, artificial organs, personal space travel, genetic editing, artificial meat, quantum computing, implantable brain-computer interfaces (BMI), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) to choose the technologies that they think will bring the most social benefits.

What do UAE residents think about 3D Printers?

3D Printer is not actually a technology most UAE residents are familiar with. 44% of respondents know a lot about 3D Printer, 47% know a little, and only 9% say they know nothing, which may actually be more widely known than cryptocurrencies. Of all the other categories, 3D Printer takes the top spot.

Notably, 3D Printer is the top choice when it comes to technologies that UAE residents believe will benefit society and will be pervasive. Of those who had heard of 3D Printers, 85% thought it could become widespread, only 13% were skeptical, and 2% thought it was unlikely. “Runner Up” – Artificial Intelligence Only 78% of respondents believe it is likely to become widespread. Meanwhile, 3D printing was rated as good by 83% of respondents when it comes to technologies that benefit society, as shown below. 10% said they were unsure, and only 7% thought it was bad. In contrast, 3D Printer is clearly in the lead when it comes to AI with the second most “support” votes, a figure that shows its relevance and importance in the UAE.

Finally, when asked “Which technologies do UAE residents think the government should invest in?”, more than half (52%) of respondents considered investing in 3D printers very important. In fact, the government has stepped up its support for the 3D Printer industry. Previously, there have been several 3D Printer construction projects in the UAE, including plans to use 3D Printer for road maintenance. The government launched the Dubai 3D Printer Strategy in April 2016 with the goal of making Dubai a leading 3D Printer technology hub by 2030. Among the latest government-backed projects, medical 3D printers with artificial limbs and teeth printing are the main goals for the next few years.

This survey clearly shows that as more and more people realize the advantages of 3D printers in various fields, the influence of 3D printers will only increase.