This company uses 3D Printer to achieve an annual output of 30 million parts

Since the first commercial 3D Printer appeared in 1986, 3D Printer has developed rapidly and played an increasingly important role in industrial manufacturing. As an emerging manufacturing method of “removing molds, reducing waste, and reducing inventory”, 3D Printer is now widely used in many fields such as manufacturing, medical care, education, aerospace, and military. The application market is huge, and more and more companies are entering the market. Equipment hardware, design software, printing materials, post-processing, and quality control technologies have formed a huge ecosystem. Now, 3D Printer is deeply integrated with traditional manufacturing in the way of added value creation, and gradually evolves towards small and medium batch production, becoming an important supplement to current manufacturing methods.

Shanghai Xitai 3D Technology Co., Ltd. Ltd. is one of the high-tech enterprises that focus on industrial grade FDM hot melt molding 3D Printer equipment, industrial grade SLA light curing 3D Printer technology equipment, and special metal material 3D Printer equipment development, production and sales. Xitai 3D fuses 3D Printer + traditional manufacturing, focusing on actual enterprise production application services.

Xitai 3D has more than 30 software copyrights, 3 invention patents and 15 utility model patents. It has successively passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, EU CE safety, RoSH Hazardous Substances Directive and other certifications.

Xitai 3D has more than 30 3D Printers of various types, mainly including photocuring photosensitive resin printers, FDM PLA printers, powder sintered nylon printers, and metal stainless steel printers. Nissan parts are more than 100kg, with an annual output of 30 million parts. The company’s products and processing services are widely used in industrial design, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, biomedical, mold manufacturing, foundry industry, pump valve body and other manufacturing fields. It has obvious advantages of high efficiency, high quality and convenience in the rapid manufacturing service of special-shaped and complex parts.