“Crazy Industry”, this dam in China was built with 3D Printer

In an article on May 30 on the website of the French weekly “New Factory”, the original title: “Crazy industry”, thanks to 3D Printer technology, this dam in China will be built completely without manual labor A 180-meter-high hydroelectric dam built on the Tibetan plateau will be the largest 3D Printer on the planet in 2024 construction. The construction will be carried out entirely by machine operations, which are driven by artificial intelligence algorithms. The dam, being built in Qinghai province, will replace an office building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as the largest 3D Printer building ever built.

“The world’s largest 3D Printer,” said the Chinese designer involved in the project, emphasizing the volume of the 180-meter-tall building located on the upper reaches of the Yellow River. No workers will be working on the construction site: all construction machinery (excavators, trucks, bulldozers, rollers) will be unmanned. Although the installed capacity of the Yangqu hydropower plant is less than that of the Three Gorges, it is unique in that it uses an innovative construction method: based on artificial intelligence planning, robots will “print and build” the structure layer by layer and test its robustness at every stage of the construction process. The construction work can also be carried out day and night. According to project leaders, their goal is to free workers from the drudgery, repetition and danger of high-altitude construction, in addition to helping to eliminate human error.