Jingye Group 3D Printer new material, new product and innovation development report

A few days ago, Shijiazhuang City held a project summary and second-quarter project construction promotion meeting. In the project observation activities, a large number of bright and good projects emerged. Among them, Jingye Group’s 3D Printer new materials and new products are particularly eye-catching.

After the meeting, the reporter went to Hebei Jingye Additive Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jingye Group, located in Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, to find the “baby” new material products in everyone’s eyes.

Jingui powder extraordinary “skill”

Materials are the foundation of the industry, and new materials are the cornerstones of new industries. Shijiazhuang has the leading new materials in the country!

It has long been heard that one of the “fist” products of Hebei Jingye Additive Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. is a metal 3D Printer product, and the high-tech raw materials used in the printing process are the treasures the reporter is looking for this time.

The reporter walked into the company’s exhibition hall and saw a row of small glass bottles on one side of the table. Each bottle was filled with some fine gray powder, which looked like powder ground from a pencil lead. What surprised the reporter was that these humble little powders were “skilled” and worth a lot of money.

“These powders are called metal powders, which are new material products, mainly for high-end fields such as aerospace, medical research and electronic industry, and are very popular in the market.” The on-site staff said proudly.

Enterprise technical experts explained to reporters that by using different metal ratios such as iron, nickel, cobalt and rare earth, the company can currently produce hundreds of different metal powders. The performance advantages of these metal powders are low oxygen and nitrogen content and good fluidity, which can make the products produced by 3D printers have high density, which is superior to traditional processing and casting methods.

Of course, these metal powder products are not only used in 3D printers, but also in laser cladding, injection molding, plasma welding, thermal spraying and other industries. They are raw materials for additive manufacturing, with high production efficiency and can meet the customized needs of customers. The market prospect is very broad.