3D Printer enables the next generation of nuclear power reactors

US nuclear energy company USNC hopes to provide ultra-safe nuclear power generation equipment that is not only safe, simple to use, but also commercially competitive. According to market observations from 3D Science Valley, the company has developed miniature modular nuclear reactors. And has authorized a new method of using refractory materials such as silicon carbide as components for nuclear reactor 3D Printers.

Developed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the method combines binder jet 3D Printer technology with a chemical vapor infiltration process to make reactor components more efficient and complex. USNC licensed the lab’s 3D Printer technology to develop and deploy components for its advanced reactor design.

According to 3D Science Valley’s Market Watch, Oak Ridge National Laboratory is leading the transformation of the Challenge Reactor to explore faster and cheaper distribution of nuclear energy in the United States to reduce manufacturing costs and lead times and improve safety. As part of the program, the lab is building nuclear reactor cores using technologies such as the Direct Energy Deposition 3D Printer.

Nuclear power is also an important branch of my country’s energy supply system and an important part of new energy. According to BP’s 2021 report, China ranks second in the world in 2020, after the United States.