Daewoo Shipbuilding uses 3D Printer to make large ship model

Daewoo Shipbuilding announced on May 24 that it has cooperated with Ingersoll Machine Tools, a global 3D printer specialist, to successfully produce a 10-meter twin skeg model for ABS plastic composite materials. This is the first successful case of the shipbuilding industry using 3D Printer technology FDM Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) to manufacture a model ship of non-wood materials.

According to Daewoo Shipbuilding, in order to build new ships, the shipyard will make scaled-down model ships, and test and verify the navigation performance such as ship motion, speed, and propulsion power in advance in large pools. Previously, most of the model ships used for this model test were made of wood, and it took about three weeks to make the model ship alone. If the 3D Printer technology is used, the production time of the model ship can be shortened by up to 40%, and the temporary testing requirements of the ship owner can also be responded quickly and flexibly. If the unmanned automation system is used, it will be of great help to improve production efficiency and reduce costs. In addition, the waterproof performance of the model ship made of ABS plastic composite material has been improved. After the model ship has completed the test, some materials can be recycled and reused, which has the advantage of environmental protection.

Daewoo Shipbuilding said that the 3D Printer technology was used to successfully produce a model ship this time. The company’s research and development center in Siheung, Gyeonggi-do has advanced research facilities such as towing tanks and integrated tanks, and has accumulated various research and development related to ship structure vibration. The result of a fusion of results and experience.

It is reported that Daewoo Shipbuilding Siheung R&D Center is located in the Siheung campus of Seoul National University, covering an area of ​​49,620 square meters (about 15,000 ping). Construction started in July 2018 and completed in August 2020. It is the future marine technology development of Daewoo Shipbuilding The center is mainly composed of a towing pool and a model studio, a comprehensive pool, an anechoic pool, an intelligent ship shore-based control center, a ship combat system laboratory, an environmental protection fuel land test station (LBTS), and an oil pressure test tank.

Headquartered in the United States, Ingersoll, which is responsible for the production of the prototype ship, is currently “grafting” 3D Printer technology in various manufacturing fields. In early May this year, the company participated in the world’s largest composite material exhibition (JEC World 2022) held in Paris, France, and showed the industry the production process of the model ship, which attracted great attention from visitors.

An official from Ingersoll said, “This successful cooperation with Daewoo Shipbuilding will be an innovation case for the entire industry, including the International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC), to announce the beginning of the era of 3D printers. ”

Cui Dongkui, Dean of the Central Research Institute of Daewoo Shipbuilding, emphasized: “This successful cooperation will be an important opportunity to change the model ship production mode. Daewoo Shipbuilding is expanding the digital innovation topic to products, shipyard production sites, and all fields of research and development. This result is one of those success stories.”

Daewoo Shipbuilding plans to complete the test and verification of the prototype ship prototype at the research facility of its Siheung R&D Center. The company will also discuss the introduction of 3D printer equipment in the future.

It is reported that in addition to Daewoo Shipbuilding, Hyundai Heavy Industries is also cooperating with various parties to accelerate the application of 3D Printer technology. On February 8 this year, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Ulsan Information Industry Promotion Agency (UIPA), Korea Production Technology Research Institute (KITECH), Korea 3D Printer Fusion Technology Association, Korea Classification Society (KR), Hankook Steel co., LTD and other institutions Signed the “3D Printer Business Development Business Agreement in the Shipbuilding and Marine Field”, including the promotion of the 3D Printer ship model manufacturing business, the promotion of the 3D Printer casting product demonstration business in the shipbuilding and marine field, the implementation of the marine “3D Printer” and the development of 3D Printer marine parts, etc.  Hyundai Heavy Industries hopes to save time and cost in the production process by using 3D Printer for various marine parts. In addition, when the ship needs to replace the main parts during repair and maintenance during the voyage, the marine “3D Printer” can immediately manufacture parts on board. Replacement is carried out to improve the drawbacks such as the reduction of transportation volume caused by the installation of spare parts.