Japan banned the export of cutting-edge technologies such as 3D printer to Russia

The Japanese government decided at a cabinet meeting on the 13th to prohibit the export of cutting-edge technologies and products to Russia, including quantum computers, 3D Printer machines and other related equipment and technologies.

At present, Japan has stopped exporting 57 high-tech products and technologies to Russia, and may continue to add more in the future.

Koichi Hagiita, Minister of Economy and Industry of Japan, said that in the future, while paying attention to the situation in Ukraine, he will cooperate with the G7 to take strict sanctions against Russia.

The Japanese government held a cabinet meeting on the 10th and approved a new round of sanctions against Russia, mainly including freezing the assets of about 140 related persons in Japan, including Russian Prime Minister Mishuskin, and banning the export of cutting-edge technology products such as quantum computers and 3D Printer to Russia. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuo Hiromichi said at a press conference after the cabinet meeting that Japan will embargo Russian crude oil in principle.