Metal 3D Printer prints brake discs to rapidly manufacture critical spare parts

With the improvement of metal 3D Printer technology, more and more metal 3D Printer products are applied to various industries, and metal 3D Printer products are more and more recognized, especially in the use of key spare parts, the following Wukong Printing Workshop 3D Printer Let me introduce you to the metal 3D Printer brake disc, which can quickly manufacture key spare parts.

A foreign metal 3D company worked closely with a railway company to use a large-scale EP-M650 system 3D Printer to create a set of custom brake discs that were terminally applied to trains. Each part measuring Φ648 x 90mm3 was printed in 24CrNiMo alloy steel, with a total build time of 631 hours from start to finish. The additively manufactured brake discs are said to cost less and have shorter lead times than conventional production methods.

Using the additive manufacturing method, using its metal 3D Printer machine, the machine is compatible with a large number of metal powders, such as titanium, aluminum, Inconel, cobalt-chromium, etc. The 24CrNiMo steel used in this project is known for its high tensile strength, fracture toughness and excellent thermal stability, which are key properties of brake discs.

This case sees a bright future for its 3D Printer machine in the rolling stock sector, offering a new and improved method of manufacturing critical spare parts without sacrificing part performance.