First contact with 3D Printer

Finally got a taste of the style of 3D Printer.

In the past, I always felt that 3D Printer was far away from me, and ordinary machine tools were enough for the processing of some parts that were usually needed.

Until recently, I encountered a tricky special-shaped part, and the finished product just couldn’t be used. Entrusting the processing to an outside machining factory does not work well either. In the end, when I was drinking with Shao Gong of Tanggula Powder Machinery, he suggested that I try 3D Printer.

Shao Gong is familiar with 3D Printer because their airflow sieve is often used to detect the particle size distribution of 3D Printer materials. And my knowledge of 3D Printer is limited to the name 3D Printer…

Because I may need to use this technology immediately, I make up the class overnight.

3D Printer is an additive manufacturing technology, 3D Printer is usually realized by using digital technology material printer. It is often used to make models in the fields of mold making, industrial design, etc., and now parts are printed using this technology. The technology has applications in numerous fields including jewelry, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries.

After having a general understanding of 3D Printer, through the introduction of friends in the circle, I commissioned a 3D Printer company to process the special-shaped parts I needed. Unexpectedly, the appearance and flatness of the finished product are better than any of my previous machine-added special-shaped parts, which fully meet my requirements.

The times are progressing, and we can’t always look at it with the same old eyes. The special-shaped parts that were difficult to process in the past have become easier with the 3D Printer. However, the price is still a bit expensive. If the price is also greatly reduced in the future, it will be perfect. Live to old age, learn old age, stay in a circle for a long time is easy to solidify, knowledge and opinions are the same.

So, that’s what it means to have frequent gatherings with different friends! I want to have a drink tonight…