3D Printer Technology Helps Orthopedic Surgery

The patient Zhang suffered a comminuted fracture of the right ankle with dislocation due to high-energy trauma. After admission, the relevant examinations were actively improved. Due to the severe trauma, obvious swelling of the affected area and serious fractures, Director He Jinglan of the Department of Orthopedics immediately organized doctors to discuss the treatment plan. Using 3D Printer technology to assist orthopedic surgery, fracture analysis and simulated surgery are performed through the preoperative 3D Printer model, so that the surgery can be carried out according to the original preoperative plan.

Brother Zhang said: “This 3D Printer technology is amazing. The doctor took the model and told me about the condition, and even an unprofessional person like me could understand it.”

Director He of the Fifth Department of Orthopedics introduced: The traditional orthopedic surgery is only performed based on the imaging results and the clinical experience of the surgeon. Not only is the operation not accurate, but also the trauma is large and the operation time is long. The model created by the 1:1 3D Printer technology, The surgical approach can be established in advance, the internal fixation can be measured, and the reduction steps can be pre-simulated on the model before surgery, which is more accurate and intuitive. This series of preoperative preparation saves time for surgery, and reduces intraoperative blood loss, further reducing It reduces the risk of surgery and improves the precision of surgery.

Under the leadership of Director He, the Department of Orthopedics has built a more comprehensive team to provide diagnosis and treatment services for the masses, so that patients can enjoy advanced, precise and personalized orthopaedic treatment at their doorstep, and the smooth recovery of more difficult cases has become a possible.