What is a 3D Printer?

3D printers is an amazing printer designed by an inventor named Enrico Dini, which can even “print” a complete building. 3D printing has become a trend and is starting to be widely used in the design field, especially in industrial design, digital product molding, etc. It can print a mold in a few hours, saving a lot of time in product development to market. It is possible to print a mold in a few hours, saving a lot of time in the development of products to market.

3D printers can print 3D models with various raw materials. Using 3D aided design software, after engineers design a model or prototype, whether it is a house or an artificial heart valve, they are then printed and printed by 3D printers produced by related companies. The raw materials can be organic or inorganic materials, such as rubber, plastic, and even human organs. Different printer manufacturers provide different printing materials.


3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing technology in which three-dimensional objects are created through successive physical layers. Compared with other additive manufacturing technologies, 3D printers have the advantages of high speed, low price, and high ease of use.

3D printer is a device that can “print” real 3D objects, functionally the same as laser forming technology, using layered processing, iterative forming, that is, by adding material layer by layer to generate 3D entities, and the traditional removal of material processing technology is completely different. It is called a “printer” in reference to its technical principles, because the process of layering is very similar to inkjet printing. As this technology continues to advance, we have been able to produce 3D models that look, feel and function very closely to the prototype.

What is a 3D printer? To put it simply, 3D printing is the reverse process of tomography, tomography is to “cut” something into countless superimposed pieces, 3D printing is a piece by piece printing, and then superimposed together to become a three- dimensional object.